Customer Service

Customer Care Plan

* Every 12 months we will provide you with a report detailing your expected generation as compared to your actual generation.

* We will go on the roof to make sure the panels are clean and tidy. We will be ready to resolve any issues before they raise.​

Why Choose Us ?

Into Solar is a 9 years old solar company in Australia.
We install only tier 1 solar panels.
We provide complete solutions for our customers.
We do not subcontract any jobs, our own team of engineers and electricians are involved in the project.
Our own expert installers accredited by the Clean Energy Council will do the job right.
System is designed by a CEC accredited Engineer.
We offer excellent support to our customers.
Speedy turnaround times with installations.
No interruption of business activities during installation​

Our Services

Why Choose IntoSolar as Business Solution

We offer exclusive 2~5 year business packages
IntoSolar’s own ongoing servicing & maintenance plans
System sizing, design and planning
All regulatory and appropriate network approvals
Evaluating the return on investment a new system will provide
Monitoring and displaying system production

Take advantage of solar and save
up to 80% on your energy bills immediately!

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